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Meet Robo Wunderkind!

Robo Wunderkind is an award-winning robot that will change the way children learn about technology. It is designed for kids starting from 5 years old to provide the easiest way to learn coding and basics of robotics. Electronic components are safely embedded into blocks with a smart connection system. With Robo Wunderkind, children can start building and programming robots right away. Watch the video here ---->

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Let's play

Robo Wunderkind encourages creative play by allowing children to easily build their own robots.

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Learn to code

 Coding becomes accesible to children with visual programming apps for smartphones and tablets.

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Develop creativity

Robo Wunderkind helps kids widen their imagination, build a strong personality and develop skills for a digital world. 


" Building blocks meet the digital age with these robots "

- TheGuardian


" Robo Wunderkind's programmable bricks are like legos that teach you how to code "

- TechCrunch

'' Robo Wunderkind is a modular robot even a five-year-old can program "

- Gizmag

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Kids can program the robot they have built to: 

  • drive around while avoiding obstacles 
  • play a recorded sound when somebody enters the room 
  • react to claps and other noises 
  • record and play voice messages 
  • hide from or follow sources of light 
  • solve mazes 
  • surprise parents with a weather forecast 
  • ...and much, much more!

There are no limits to your child’s imagination and we are working with educational experts in the field to build a library of different learning adventures for Robo Wunderkind. 


Teachers about us


Kenneth Willers   Principal, School of the Madeleine

"Robo introduces the younger students to authentic 21st century skills"


Hannah Hartman   2nd Grade Teacher

"I know, as a teacher, that my students learn best in a hands on way. I can't think of a better thing to support, than Robo, where students are having fun but they are learning "


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spark a lifelong passion for technology