5 Reasons Children Should Learn Code

Behind every child’s bright future stands a parent willing to guide them towards decisions that might help them later on in life. And because every single decision counts, it’s sometimes hard for parents to decide: Which direction should the little rascal take?
Here are 5 exceptionally good reasons that coding is the right direction.

photo by Damian Zaleski

photo by Damian Zaleski

1. The sooner the better

They say with age comes wisdom - but what doesn’t come with age is the ability to learn.
It is proven that a child’s brain can absorb information like a sponge, which is why we should make sure that the right information is absorbed, be it a new language like German or Italian or a coding language like Python or Wunderkind. Learning these at an early stage gives you a massive advantage.

2. There are fewer digital natives around than you think

Digital Native is a term that is used far to often nowadays. Especially when you realize that maybe 1% of all people using smartphones, laptops or consoles actually understand the “magic” behind the devices’ codes.

Yes, our parents think that we are computer wizards, but let’s be honest. All we really do is click buttons.
But imho there is much more to being a Digital Native than just knowing how to set up your parents’s cloud printer. And there is definitely a lack of people really understanding what is going on behind that tasty-looking frontend.

3. It helps you solve your problems

At my first internship, my first project was to reformat huge lists in Microsoft Excel. Each list had over 5000 lines. Instead of taking two months to go through them line by line, I spent two days learning Excel Macros, 1 day testing out an awesome script, and then 4 seconds letting the computer reformat the list for me.

Then I did that again.

Then I did it 10 more times.

Then people started to wonder how I worked so quickly.

Then I told them it was magic.

4. Jobs Jobs Jobs

Children shouldn’t be taught that money can buy happiness. Still, who wouldn’t want their children to be well off?

Studies have shown that the number of jobs in fields of computer science are increasing at a speed much larger than the amount of students graduating in computer science. By 2020 this will have led to approximately 1 Million job vacancies in the US.

5. It makes you look cool and smart

There is a huge hype around Startups in Silicon Valley. What most of them have in common is high end programming. Let’s face it: Techies are the modern rockstars. Even real life music rockstar Will.i.am answered the question of what he thought was cooler music or computer programming.

Coding is cooler, by about 10 times. A trillion times. It’s the most creative space.
— Will.i.am

So this is the point where you should start thinking: Should I guide my child towards learning code? And the answer is a big fat YES.

Ready to learn how to code?